Mark Miles’ Miserable Metaphor


Upon reading the piece in the Star, we simply couldn’t believe it. Had he really said  . . . THAT?!

Lost in the lead up to Christmas was a Mark Miles interview with the Indy Star’s Curt Cavin. The story both leads and wraps with Miles using the time worn and ill-considered metaphor “time flies” when asked about his three year anniversary as CEO of Hulman and Company, IMS and IndyCar.


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Miles’ miserable metaphor typifies both his rule of IndyCar and his inability to communicate effectively. Of all times to reference flight, this year wasn’t the one. Of course cars aren’t supposed to fly, though the season was marred by flying aero kit pieces, flying cars at Indy and another flying piece of debris that sadly took Justin Wilson’s life. Miles started the interview off saying time flies – talk about inappropriate!

Mark Miles Flying Circus

Cavin’s article cited all those calamities and others, including the humiliating race cancellation in Brazil. Sound issues and traffic problems at IMS for the Rolling Stones concert last year were even aired, as Miles’ incompetence was on full parade. Good grief, they’ve only been holding Stones concerts successfully all over the world for half a century now.


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On a more timely note, the CEO admitted that the aero kits introduced in 2015 were “not entirely positive.” Gee, ya think?! Chalk up another one for IRR, which raised serious concerns about the body work gimmickry before last season started.


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Higher television ratings, more fannies in the seats at the Speedway and – incredibly – the 2016 schedule (which he missed by a Miles) are the positives that make everything all right, at least according to “Mad Man” Miles. He managed not to take the entirety of the credit however, allowing “I’m not saying that’s all on me.” Cavin even noted that after three years the CEO still hasn’t gotten the company in the black yet, which was the main reason for hiring him. That remains “a work in progress” according to the article.


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We had to search pretty hard for the “highs” in Miles’ record, particularly when the ones he listed are all bottom line related and the company’s finances haven’t improved much. The “understanding” he mentioned having gained at the conclusion of the piece is laughable, while the “credibility” he referenced is non existent. Miles’ reign has been as maladroit as that mediocre metaphor he evoked. Mark Miles is a wrecking ball.


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5 thoughts on “Mark Miles’ Miserable Metaphor

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  4. My brother.. once again you nailed it!! Now if we could just nail Miles’ ass to the wall and get rid of him!! I said it once, and ill say it again… I am only watching the oval races this year…


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