If IndyCar Were ‘Star Wars’


If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Newgarden would play the new Skywalker –

With Penske as Darth Vader, Andretti as Leia,

And Montoya the Empire’s hawker.


Photo from usatoday.com

If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Graham Rahal‘d be a great Han Solo –

He’s tall and handsome, holds races for ransom,

With a Force that makes him shout “YOLO!”


Photo from examiner.com

If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

It’d be setting records, acclaimed as number one –

With throngs of fans, and clapping hands,

Instead of a collection of legacy sons.


If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

There’d be no scenes in bars –

No Boba Fett, though perhaps some regret,

At the cost of the parts for the cars.


If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Then the Hutt would own the cars –

As Chip himself can attest, he’s the best,

Tho’ those who’ve met him swear he’s from Mars.

Mike Hull, Target Chip Ganassi Racing team manager

If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Yoda would be played by Mike Hull

He’s philosophical and lean, at times a bit green,

Though rarely – if ever – is he dull.


Photo from dailymail.co.uk


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