Ten Reasons Sage Karam Deserves an IndyCar Ride


Photo from usatoday.com

1. Iowa. If you’ve seen the young lad’s breathtaking run to third in the cornfields outside Newton, then you understand why we’re such tremendous fans of oval racing as well as “Wild Man” Karam. If not, then see this.

2. Obviously Sage is an attractive and talented American racer who acquitted himself well and created some buzz in his rookie season. For the love of storylines, somebody in the IndyCar paddock needs to bring him back.


Photo from usatoday.com

3. Karam is nothing if not aggressive. Sure, his flashes of recklessness drew probation early in the season, but he wised up, his driving matured and he went on to finish a respectable three quarters of his races. Takuma Sato still has a ride – go figure.


Photo from motorsport.com

4. The twenty year old Pennsylvanian is exciting to watch. It’s not as though Chip‘s got a bunch of better alternatives waiting in the wings. Sebastian Saavedra? Honestly, does Charlie Kimball really excite anyone?


Photo from motorsport.com

5. The kid’s telegenic, photogenic and Twitter-genic. He’s also hip, young and cool (apart from his insistence upon rooting for the Browns). In other words, he’s exactly what the increasingly stodgy series needs.


Photo from foxsports.com

6. As for his driving, there’s no denying that Sage is a spirited racer when behind the wheel. The kid’s got guts. Just ask Ed Carpenter.

7. Karam deserves a ride because of his super cool non-reaction to Ed’s heat of the moment tirade following the Iowa race. Talk about keeping your head while others around you lose theirs! Ed got in his face and not only wagged his finger but also hurled expletives – on live television, no less. To his credit Sage didn’t rise to the veteran’s bait, instead calmly donning his podium finish Firestone hat.


Photo from usatoday.com

8. Just look at Legacy Marco’s putrid record over the last decade – two wins in almost two hundred starts. That’s Danica bad. Now tell us with a straight face he’d have a ride anywhere but with his daddy. Maddeningly, Sage is currently without one.


Photo from dpccars.com

9. IndyCar definitely needs more WAGS like the hottie pictured with Karam at Indy. YOWZA! While it’s good to be the king, it’s still better to have a ride.


10. The final reason young Sage deserves a ride is he has yuuuge balls. Simply behold his pointed reaction to Rahal‘s complaining about his driving – at where else but Iowa – on social media. As IRR quoted Karam (from television) pre-race at Mid Ohio, “I gave Graham the racing line and of course Graham being Graham he gets on Twitter and first thing he does is Tweet me. So, I wish he would come to my trailer and just talk to me, but I don’t know how that would go for Graham.”


11 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Sage Karam Deserves an IndyCar Ride

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  11. I LOVE this story! You are spot on!! WE NEED SAGE!! It looks like i will be watching INDY and i think 4 other oval races. i fLAT ASS refuse TO WATCH THOSE BORING GOD DAMN ROAD/STREET RACES. Indycar is pretty much done. FUCK MARK MILES AND THE HORSE HE RODE IN ON! Blow the bloody series up! and make it an INDY500 only for INDYCAR STYLE cars. I mean.. come on,what the hell is left really?? I love you man. keep writing with the passion you and i both share for INDYCAR. I really like my IRR shirt too! Hope you had a merry christmas, and your new year is going great.

    Carl Lyon



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