IndyCar News Week in Review: See the Future Edition


An IndyCar Race and a Calf Ropin’: The series could be off to western Canada in 2017 if plans outside the U.S. happen to come together for once. The Great White North’s third largest city and home of the Calgary Stampede – it’s a rodeo, not a football team (they’re the Stampeders, eh?) – hopes to host a race the fall after next according to The Reverend Mayor Hinchcliffe already made a hoe-down style visit to that end, enthusiastically endorsing the decision to try to hold a second race in his home country as “logical.” That’s some truly Spock-ian level analysis from the comical Canuck. Judging by the picture – and seriously, who’s been to Calgary?! – it looks like a perfectly serviceable oval’s already there in place. Wanna prediction? It’ll be another Mark “Two” Miles street race.


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SPM’s Assuming Potential New Pilot: Two time Indy Lights runner up Jack Harvey could graduate to the big league next year, assuming things work out. The twenty two year old Brit boasted in an piece of his “sixty percent podium record” and then assumptively predicted he’d “beat” his presumptive SPM teammate James Hinchcliffe. Lord Harvey spoke of the deal as if it were all but done. Hey Jack, the future’s not so clear.


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The Two Jacks: If promoted, Handsome Jack Harvey would replace one of the two remaining full time Englishman in the series, James Jakes. Simultaneously, he would join another UK Jack, that’s Jack Hawksworth of AJ Foyt Racing. It seems as though the Union Jack‘ll be well represented next season. Confused yet? Former SPM driver Russkie Mikhail Aleshin of inaugural Indy GP infamy tested alongside Harvey prior to this year’s Sonoma finale. Between he and Jakes, it looks as though there may be a couple of foreign free agents for hire. Plus there’s poor ol’ Hoosier Conor Daly who was hoping for another shot at the SPM seat but instead joins yet another young American fresh out of a ride in Sage Karam. It’s unclear what their futures hold.


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Speaking of SPM: Piers Phillips – no relation to Piers Morgan, thank goodness – was announced as Schmidt Peterson Motorsports’ new General Manager. Previously Phillips was team manager at Brabham Racing and – big surprise with a name like Piers – he’s another Brit. Don Oldenburg has been serving as the IndyCar team’s manager. His fate is uncertain in the press release, although he could remain in place as Sam Schmidt referred to Phillips’ hiring in the press release as an “edition” [sic] to the team.


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Aero Kits Quick Fix: As we mentioned last week, IndyCar announced plans to tether aero pieces to the cars in the never ending search for the fountain of safety. Issues surrounding the new aero kits were raised by IRR well before their introduction in anger last season when flying debris seriously injured a fan at St. Pete. IndyCar didn’t listen. Rather than doing away with the damned things, the series’ honchos have decided simply to string together the ungainly, unsightly and unsafe aero pieces. Apparently IndyCar’s never learned the meaning of the phrase ‘an overly complicated solution.’ Sadly, we predict many more of them from Magisterial Mark Miles to come.


Kanaan Under the Knife: On Tuesday Ganassi driver Tony Kanaan underwent surgery for a hernia, not a nose reduction as rumored (and sorely needed). He Tweeted post-op that it “hurts like hell.” IRR sees plenty of pain and fewer triathlons in TK’s foreseeable future.

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