IndyCar News Week in Review: Turkey Day Edition


Introducing IndyCar’s Turkey Power: It’s best plucked, washed and Jay Fryed.

UPDATE: IndyCar finally heeded IRR’s advice and significantly altered its aero kits after nearly a year. Changes include tethers, flaps, a domed undercarriage and a Rahal at Fontana change to new engine control units for pits stops. Read all about our long time take on the kits here and here.


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Needs More Sage: Distressing news emerged from the Ganassi camp over the weekend which had nothing to do with dressing. Mike Hull said a fourth car for next year is iffy due to a lack of funding, which means Sage “Wild Man” Karam could well be out of a ride, at least with Butterball Chip. That’s disappointing, as the irascible rookie had a solid albeit partial season – Ed Carpenter, Graham Rahal and race control’s opinions notwithstanding. The probationary Pennsylvanian scored a couple of top five and top ten finishes, including a thrilling race to third at Iowa (of all places) for his first ever podium result. This PLUS impressively managing to piss off half the field, all within a mere twelve races. We say to hell with shirts, how about A RIDE for Sage?


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Courtney’s Gone a Courtin’: As previously reported rather wistfully by IRR, the talented and gorgeous Courtney Force made it official, getting hitched over the weekend to IndyCar legacy and steak burger lover Rahal. It’s one thing for our invitation to be lost in the mail, but it’s quite another to have our dreams dashed by such a racy gal being taken off the market. Raging jealousy aside, here’s to a happy and lengthy (by Hollywood standards) marriage. Dibs!

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Taste Testing the Desert: Marco “Where Have You Gone?” Andretti, his AA teammate Carlos “OK” Munoz and the recently recuperated Reverend James Hinchcliffe tested aero kitted IndyCars at Phoenix International Raceway last week. Clearly all the series’ top notch drivers were already on vacation. Hinch was elated to be back in the car after this year’s ass stabby nastiness at Indy, boldly predicting “a hell of a show.” Interestingly, the comedic Canuck also mentioned they were running “low twenty something [second] laps” around the mile oval. Marco didn’t get angry for a change, at least if you believe the highly sanitized published accounts. Of course he did complain, whining about “heavy steering” and turns one and two being “the tough part.” Carlos – ever the articulate one – presciently noted that the track is “really in the desert.” It can never be said that Michael Andretti refuses to hire drivers who are more intelligent than he is.

Gordon’s Gone, Gone – And Nothin’s Gonna Bring Him Back: On Sunday, Jeff Gordon raced his final ever N@$C@R event in Homestead, Florida. The Hoosier had a good year, but ultimately lost the race and the championship – to a Busch of all people. No fans of ‘A Clockwork Orange‘ series, we only mention it because many moons ago ol’ Gordo had a chance to run IndyCar and turned it down, heading south for the big payday instead. Now he’ll never, ever win an Indy 500. To quote The Simpsons’ bully Nelson Muntz, “Ha-ha!”


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