IndyCar News Week in Review: Scary Schedule Edition


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Know Nothings on Tour: IMS President Doug Boles has been on a 100th running of the Indy 500 promo tour recently, visiting a sheet metal shop and a Studebaker museum. How nice. As if he had anything whatsoever to do with the renovations currently underway at the Speedway. Thank you, taxpayers. Meanwhile, the most significant race in history still has no title sponsor. Troublingly, under the tutelage of Boles & Miles we could see this extremely important task thoroughly screwed up, as well. Making matters worse, apparently any and all announcements about the grand and historic occasion are on hold until more money is forthcoming. Kinda like the schedule it seems, except for Boles’ day tripping. Getting a title sponsor for the centennial of open wheel racing’s greatest event should be akin to shooting fish in a barrel. Sadly it’s not with this leadership gang who couldn’t shoot straight with laser sights.


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So-Called Schedule: In possibly the worst secret – much less the worst kept secret – in the annals of racing history, IndyCar belatedly released its 2016 schedule this week to the disapproval of large and important segments of its fan base. Mark Miles lamely tried to advance the argument that each type of track – streets, roads & ovals – has five races, or conveniently one third of the schedule – excepting the streets of Belle Isle, which host two and put the total at six street races. IRR pointed out this blatant fallacy on Twitter Tuesday since many seemed to be buying it, correctly stating the ratio at more than 2 to 1 when using the real world category of road and street courses (together) versus oval tracks. Leave it to us for all your complex math needs – and to see through the propaganda.


So-Called Schedule, Part Two: There are an inordinate amount of weekends off next year, including practically the whole of August. These long gaps aren’t helpful for series momentum, viewership, or anything else in this Kardashian Era of four minute attention spans. It’s technically true that calendar-wise the season lasts longer, but spreading the same amount of manure over a larger field doesn’t make the corn grow taller. The blame was placed squarely television, with IndyCar taking a backseat to everything from N@$C@R to the Olympics and even absurdly being relegated to CNBC for at least a couple of races. Speaking of backseats . . .


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So-Called Schedule, Part Three: The brand new centerpiece of the schedule announcement was a supposed street race in Boston. But wait, there’s another problem. Reportedly the city itself isn’t even in favor of holding an IndyCar race there, and it certainly hasn’t approved it yet. Who can blame them? If this was the “one piece” Miles was waiting on to release this clunker of a lineup, then as usual it was all for naught. The city government could still say “no” to the fumbling, bumbling CEO who must definitely go.


Hairless Halloween Fright: Gluttons for punishment Tony Kanaan and series champ Scott Dixon are training for an upcoming triathlon, according to reports. Pictures emerged on Twitter as they always do and it looks like Dixie was trying out his Freddy Mercury costume in advance of Halloween. We advise adding more hair – lots more hair.



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