IndyCar News Week in Review: Rule 9.3.8 Edition

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Boob Tube Views News: Television viewership increased for the third straight race – that’s third straight oval race, thank you very much – on NBCSN. It’s welcome news for the series and network, although at roughly 500,000 it’s kinda like being voted prettiest woman who was formerly a male decathlete. [Rule 9.3.8 violation] Then the rule 9.3.8 controversy – which we had nothing to do with – sprang forth and sucked all the air out of IndyCar’s room. Oh well. We’re already looking forward to the last remaining oval contest at Pocono – the racing’s been superb on the circular tracks, particularly Fontana and Iowa – and predict that Mid-Ohio won’t have either the racing or the ratings IndyCar’s been enjoying. [Rule 9.3.8 violation]


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Iowa’s Intensity: Sage Karam violently burst onto the niche cable sports channel stage Saturday night for the few hundred thousand viewers who tuned in to see the show. Attendance at the track looked off a bit as Ryan Hunter-Reay won again which we’ve all seen before – three times now and twice in a row – but the race itself was outstanding. Bonus drama broke out with Ed “Macho Man” Carpenter getting into “Wild Man” Sage’s face and letting the f-bombs fly. And all completely penalty free, to boot. Finally, it looks like “Indy Rivals” may be starting to get some actual rivals for a change. [Rule 9.3.8 violation]

17-18 July, 2015, Newton, Iowa USA Sage Karam ©2015 Scott R LePage  LAT Photo USA

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Penalties Are Passe: As predicted no drivers were penalized for the mayhem in Iowa, as rule 9.3.8 was not yet in effect. Chevy got slapped due to Tony Kanaan‘s engine blowing up and there were other minor infractions, but rather incredibly nothing for Ed, Sage, Graham or the rest. [Rule 9.3.8 violation] The same has been true in other recent races, as it seems you have to run over several crewmen to be penalized this season. It’s now official – the series has declared an all out war for IndyCar supremacy the final three races. Looks like the rules – just like Will Power‘s championship hopes – are out the freakin’ window. [Rule 9.3.8 violation]


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Mid Ohio Medicine: Last year in our infancy as a brand new site we were rather harsh on the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Campground. Turns out it was with good reason. [Rule 9.3.8 violation] Predictably, the race was another real Duesey, with Scott Dixon again dominating after starting dead last to win his fifth race at the “track.” During the “Ice Man’s” lengthy fuel saving extravaganza we no doubt nodded off, dreaming of a delightful Fontana finale. And this year it’s So Coma-like Sonoma that’s supposed to  excite the fan base?! [Rule 9.3.8 violation]


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Funniest Tweet of the Week:  Hoosier Conor Daly passed along a picture and Tweet from a fan indicating that the talented though out of work young driver had now truly hit the big time. Why? Because he appears in a young woman named Jordan’s Tinder profile photo. Tinder for those who don’t know is a sexual hook-up app, while Conor is a sometime IndyCar driver most recently with SPM and now driving the Honda two seater. The image in question clearly was taken at Indy and while Conor was cut in half by the cropping, he’s still plainly visible. Makes us want to swipe right. His reply in the re-Tweet was simply, “Living the dream.” We wonder if all this could be a violation of . . .

Rule 9.3.8: Frankly IndyCar’s rule revision on detrimental conduct toward the series isn’t the end of the world as some portrayed it, although it is a [Rule 9.3.8 violation]


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