Our First Anniversary Thank You Note To Readers


Photo from indysportscrew.com

Will Power can really sum things up nicely sometimes, can’t he? But seriously, we at IRR truly and deeply appreciate our readers, supporters and fan (thanks, Mom!) for all your interest, reading and encouragement. The first year’s been both fun and rewarding, and the performance of the site has surpassed even our wildest expectations.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

For that, the entire staff at IRR wishes to thank you, our loyal followers and we suppose even our occasional readers. Without you, it wouldn’t be possible to call ourselves IndyCar writers at all. Then what would we do?!? So thanks, please come back often and remember, it’s ok to laugh and poke fun – even at people and things we love. (It is still ok, isn’t it? Free speech hasn’t been outlawed overnight, or the First Amendment completely repealed yet, correct?!)


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2 thoughts on “Our First Anniversary Thank You Note To Readers

  1. I am very glad you guys are on the internet. I read every one that lands in my inbox. I love sharing and commenting with other IndyCar fans……….the BEST racing on the planet and that includes F1 and NASCAB!


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