Milwaukee ‘IndyFest’ Preview: IndyCar’s History?!


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Prepare to watch fast on NBCSN this weekend for both qualifying and the IndyCar race will occur on Sunday within a few hours of one another, just like the good ol’ days. On a darker note, it may also be the last opportunity you ever have to see artistry on wheels at the historic track in Milwaukee. Ominously, it’ll mark the one hundred thirteenth IndyCar type race at America’s oldest remaining major sports venue – or what we at IRR affectionately refer to as the “Methuselah Mile” – opened way back in 1903.


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The Milwaukee “IndyFest” as it’s now known is an Andretti promoted event with a State Fair always nearby and even a Ferris wheel. Michael’s not only given us that merry moniker but also complaints about low attendance, lack of revenue and the like. It’s gotten to the point where Andretti’s threatening to pull out unless the bottom line improves. Sometimes lost in this is the fact that it’s his promotion company that’s responsible for the success of the event, which revolves largely around attendance. Considering the NOLA fiasco and now this, we’re beginning to question the efficacy of Andretti’s promotional abilities. If you’re a regular reader then you know we often wonder, “What’s Michael Andretti Thinking?


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In fairness we give credit to Andretti for saving the event at Milwaukee several years ago, but would similarly demote him if he were to pull the plug on America’s oldest IndyCar track. If that were to happen and Milwaukee were to disappear from the schedule like a lost city of gold, the loss of another oval – especially such an historic one –  would be beyond tragic. It’d be tantamount to Major League Baseball not visiting Wrigley Field, or the NFL by passing Lambeau. It’d be the end of history.


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Historically Ryan Hunter Reay‘s had success at Milwaukee, though he hasn’t sniffed it this year in his AA machine. In one of his better outings of the year last Saturday at Fontana RHR finished fifteenth. Honda’s coming off a much needed win on the massive oval at Fontana however thanks to Graham Rahal’s prediction from last season finally coming true. Another young American driver Sage Karam impressed at Fontana with a top five finish for Chip Ganassi in the 500 miler. They’ll all be ones to watch as history unfolds Sunday afternoon.


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Last year’s winner “Mad” Will Power finds himself on double secret probation for the remainder of the year after he shoved a safety official and then unleashed his ridiculous anti-oval “crazy” tirade after crashing out at Fontana. In it Power blasted the sport that feeds him and came off looking like an ingrate – and worse. At that moment he became infamous in the history of the sport, right alongside other villains like John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and – well, Will Power. Surely the racing gods will look askance at both “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy” Will and his entire team this weekend on such hallowed open wheel racing ground. We know of a few safety workers who will.


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