Toronto Predictions & Prognostications: Double Secret Probation Edition


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First let’s predict who won’t win – it’s not going to be a Honda team, Dale Coyne freshman “un-Speedy” Gonzalez, Sebastien Saavedra or a certain reckless rookie from Monaco. Stefano “faster than Andretti” Coletti now finds himself on IndyCar’s version of double secret probation after speeding and ignoring lanes in the pits at Texas. Already on probation having racked up numerous crashes – sometimes multiple accidents in one weekend – and a penumbra of penalties and fines to boot, for KV’s Coletti it was the Dean Wormer speech. “One more slip up, one more mistake and you’re finished at Farber!” When IndyCar has taken to showing a close up of your car and number above the penalties announcement, you know you’re on thin ice.


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Our specialty prediction for the concrete car crusher known as Toronto is widespread confusion and disappointment amongst the gathered throngs of Molson-fogged Canucks in attendance. When they finally figure out that there’s only one race this year, the only Canadian in the series is sidelined due to injury AND they’ve only two Brits in the entire field to root for, the War of 1812 may break out again on the bicentennial of its conclusion. Our advice for Americans making the trek to the great white north? Prepare for a hasty though not re-enacted retreat south and be super polite to those border guards.


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Our pick for pole is Penske’s Will Power and not because we’re a fan of the champ. He’s won forty of them and excels when it doesn’t count, except that in the concrete canyons of Canuck-land, qualifying does matter – very much. Pole position will prove not to  be enough to win the event this year however, as Power will follow Helio‘s example in last year’s second race when he lost to Mike Conway.


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First out of the race will be AJ Foyt Racing’s Takuma Sato, if not his team mate Jack Hawksworth. Sato’s often overly aggressive and JackHawk continues to make rookie mistakes into his second season. The biggest surprise of the race will be James Jakes, SPM’s veteran Englishman who’s been quick on the streets this year. Driving for a second tier Honda team, Jakes will continue to impress.


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As for the race winner north of the border, we’ve been reduced to picking a Frenchman. Oh well, at least it isn’t Penske’s frog who’ll be hoppy-est. Last year‘s victor and winner at Detroit this year, KV’s much less penalized driver Sebastien Bourdais will remain as hot as french fries, or frites, and take the checkers at Exhibition Place. We fervently hope he doesn’t embarrass himself by dropping the trophy again.


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