IndyCar Barber Predictions and Prognostications: Bike Wreck


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The less said about the Long Beach edition of predictions the better. Happily we did at least accurately foresee that no fans would be grievously injured by flying aero kit debris. With only one caution all race, that proved to be prescient. Unfortunately little else we published was as Montoya managed only second. That’s why they call it prognosticating, after all.


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The series heads south for a visit to Alabama and we can confidently predict repeated references by commentators to the “beauty” of Barber’s “gorgeous facility.”  While that assessment may be accurate, it certainly doesn’t mean the track provides entertaining racing, because it doesn’t. Little passing and strung out fields are hallmarks of IndyCar on this motorcycle track in the woods, and this year’s race will be no different.


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Don’t expect many cautions at Barber either as teams are still short of parts like $20,000 front wings, particularly KV Racing. Thank you Stefano Coletti. With numerous driver changes taking place already this season – at Coyne, Ganassi, and Coyne – the pilots will be on their best behavior again on Sunday. Perhaps it’s the sheer beauty of gorgeous Barber Motorsports Park that has such a powerfully calming effect on drivers. It certainly does on sleepy spectators. Our specialty prediction is that many fans sedated by their scenic surroundings will have trouble staying wake through the entire race. It’ll be just that exciting and engaging.


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The pole winner and race winner – see what we mean about the lack of racing? –  will be very familiar to fans of the series having just won Long Beach. It’ll be Dixie in Dixie. Target Chip Ganassi Racing’s ace Scott Dixon will make it two wins in a row Sunday in ‘Bama, winning at one of the few tracks he hasn’t triumphed in his amazing career. It would be his thirty seventh IndyCar win as he edges closer to Michael Andretti in third on the all time list. Chevy’s dominance also continues. Failing that, Ryan Hunter-Reay will be contending for his third in a row at Barber and represents Honda’s best hope, as usual.


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First out of the race will be Coyne’s latest ride buying field filler, whoever his flavor of the week is currently. We think his name’s Rudolfo, or something. Our biggest surprise of the race will be if It’s anything close to an entertaining show. That would be an unexpected result of epic proportions. Chip wrecking his mini bike on the way to victory lane would make it even better.


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