NOLA’s Non-Qualifications: Instant Reaction


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There were several interesting items to come out of the storm cancelled qualifying session including Target’s resurgence and particularly Kanaan’s, a swamp becoming even swampier, and the mouth of the north Paul Tracy squeezing back into the broadcast booth. Heck, NBCSN even put Robin Miller on television again this season. Yet there were two still curiouser stories that emerged Saturday evening that caught our eye.


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The first story of note was a controversial call made by IndyCar’s race control penalizing KV Racing’s Sebastian Bourdais for impeding TCGR driver Tony Kanaan’s lap. Turns out it’s all a moot point with qualifications being called off, but race control docking SeBass his fastest laps looked questionable particularly considering the poor conditions. Bourdais ran off track into a runoff area, turned around and then re-entered the fray ahead of Tony Kanaan who he then let pass. Both cars were set to advance until race control acted with an iron fist. Twitter – partly due to IRR’s instigation we admit – was immediately set alight.


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Owner Jimmy Vasser was livid. Flustered and on live television – always a compelling viewing combination – Vasser first confused his drivers’ names, mistakenly calling Sebastian “Stefan.” He then proceeded to blame Ganassi and his driver before pronouncing the entire affair “chickenshit.” Hadn’t seen Jimmy so upset since his hotel breakfast buffet ran out of beignets.


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The second story came out of a rain delay interview Kevin Lee conducted with “The Boss” Michael Andretti. Was Lee making a mafia reference there? Anyway, he asked Michael about Honda aero kit challenges and competitiveness. Andretti spoke frankly but also seemed to offer an excuse for their poor performance so far.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

“Yeah, it’s been a little frustrating for us for sure. I think we’re still trying to understand the kit. We didn’t receive our kit in full until everybody else did, so we’re still trying to understand it. I think there’s still a lot more to come out of it once we understand it more, where I think Penske‘s and the others have had theirs homologated much earlier so they’ve had much more time to test and stuff. So we’re a little bit behind but hopefully by Indy we’re gonna be there.”


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He was then queried about his promotional duties for the first time event being held in a swamp in April and specifically the weather. “Unfortunately, this is a nightmare for a promoter.” Now that’s some positive spin, Michael. Credit him for honesty, though. Unfortunately, he also acknowledged the forecast for today’s race isn’t good, either. If for some strange reason you’re near NOLA, we recommend air boats.


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