IndyCar News Week In Review: Ishtar Edition

IZOD IndyCar Series Firestone 500

Photo from Getty Images

500 Field Fillers: Andretti Autosport got sportier for the month of May. Easter wishes came true for both big Brit Justin Wilson and Swiss Miss Simona de Silvestro who’ll drive for AA in the Indy 500, bringing the team’s total to five cars for the five hundred mile extravaganza. No announcement was made regarding the replacement of Marco in the car as of yet, though due to his dismal record of one win per decade we expect one at any time. On the bright side, at least Kurt Busch won’t be driving one of Michael’s rides this year.


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The Aged at the Ancient: Like an old married couple, together for over fifty years and still going is the world’s greatest rock and roll band The Rolling Stones who’ll play at the Brickyard in July. At 106 years old, the Speedway’s a bit senior to Mick and the boys who now are in their seventh decade of existence. Having seen both, at this point in their respective careers we recommend IMS over IBS and the Stones.


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

ABCs of Ovals: AJ Foyt Racing’s longtime sponsor ABC Supply Co. will sponsor the 500 mile IndyCar race at Pocono August 23. The ABC Supply 500 comes in addition to the company’s longtime support of the Milwaukee race at the Methuselah Mile in their home state. We wholeheartedly endorse ABC and their ongoing efforts to nurture IndyCar oval track racing.


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

Aero Kits at St. Pete Happened: In the midst of the race dominated by Penske and won by Montoya, the aero kit age of IndyCar began with a dud. Marked by five lengthy debris cautions, a fan being seriously injured by flying debris, multiple penalties and many front wing changes in the carnage, the inaugural kit race wasn’t exactly stellar. One overlooked highlight in the whole mess was AJ Foyt Racing’s driver Englishman Jack Hawksworth‘s performance. Jack started 21st and finished 8th, gaining the most positions of anyone in the race. Charging through the field is a trait the young Englishman’s already getting a reputation for in his new career. As the Stones’ rival The Who sang, it’s “Happy Jack.”


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No, no – it’s NOLA: Next stop is NOLA, a new road course for the series with fewer concrete walls and parking lots to negotiate, though that probably doesn’t mean a different result. We’re hopeful everyone makes it out of the Big Sleazy alive and whole after the race – not due to the inherent dangers of racing or even the untested track, but due to the inherent dangers of crime ridden New Orleans.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Bleatings of Beekhuis: Mercurial IndyCar super star reporter Jon Beekhuis was acting rather strangely this week, first willingly engaging in a late night Twitter exchange then oddly lashing out about the story a couple days later. We fully stand by the story “The Buzz From Beekhuis.” Even “The Professor of Speed” didn’t dispute our quotes or facts because they’re accurate. Perhaps the Goddess of fertility Ishtar’s been on Jon’s troubled mind lately, or more likely the Warren Beatty stinker of the same name.


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