The Buzz From Beekhuis


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IRR’s latest encounter with IndyCar media super star Jon Beekhuis occurred once again very late at night and was accompanied by shock and exhilaration. By late night encounter with the professor of speed we mean of course an exchange on Twitter. Turns out not only is Mr. Beekhuis a night owl, he’s also quite conscientious and prompt in responding to our queries.

We discovered this about Beekhuis a couple of weeks ago when sending him a flyer of a Tweet about a story the IndyCar press seem to have missed. While Jon would be on both television networks covering the races this year from the pits, he would no longer be a race steward as he confirmed to us in a somewhat confusing exchange on Twitter.


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So last night we thought we’d try again and much to our surprise we learned still more buzz from Beekhuis. Asking him about his perception of the aero kits after “having survived them” at St. Pete, Jon graciously replied. Understandably, he opted for a wait and see approach to the matter replying, “Need a few more races to determine aero kits’ true effect on competition.” We’re not sure whether Beekhuis is aware of our thoughts on the matter or not, but the race was an embarrassment.


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Pressing him further, we fit as much as possible into our 140 character allotment asking about the penalties to Graham Rahal and others during the chaotic, caution filled opener. Jon offered a less reluctant, more forthcoming response to this inquiry, writing that the “Penalties were consistent with rule book text, IMO.” We don’t have young Rahal‘s thoughts on Beekhuis’s comments as of yet, though we can imagine. Considering Jon’s out as race steward but left open the possibility of a future return, his comments are interesting.

We’re already looking forward to our next shocking late night encounter with the professor of speed and hope you are too.


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