IndyCar News Week in Review: Silliest Season


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Mess Kits: Aero kit testing began Sunday at NOLA and then continued Monday and Tuesday at Barber Motorsports park in nearby Alabama. The Chevys showed the speed as Target driver Scott Dixon topped day one of testing at Barber with a lap time of just over a minute and seven seconds. The NOLA laps were untimed. KV’s rookie Stefano “faster than Andretti” Coletti was second quick on day two behind Power and was in fact faster than Marco by nearly a second. Will Power‘s time of a minute seven point three seconds for Penske topped day two, which translates to a whopping 123 miles per hour on the undulating road course. Dixon’s previous track record without the benefit of aero kit still stands at nearly a second quicker than Power’s Tuesday time.


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Accidents Happen: Rookie Ganassi driver Sage Karam broke a bone in his right hand in a scary accident leaving the track at Barber Monday. We affectionately call it Karam’s carom. He missed Tuesday’s session visiting doctors in Indy, but checked out ok besides the fracture and is supposed to return to the car for more testing at NOLA next week. “I’m pretty lucky,” said the twenty year old from Pennsylvania who cracked the car’s tub with the hard frontal impact into a guard rail that was unprotected by a tire barrier. Due to a hue and cry from the drivers after the accident both Derrick Walker and a Barber spokesman said the situation would be remedied before the race there in April.


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Coyne No Longer Coy: Dollar Dale Coyne finally announced his drivers, bringing back rookie race winner Carlos Huertas for another tour and in a truly Draconian move announced Francesco Dracone – a 31 year old Italian – for the second car. Dracone who started two IndyCar races in 2010 crashed his non-aero kitted car during day two of testing at Barber bringing out a red flag. He’s signed only for the first four races and was such a surprise hire that didn’t have a picture of him on the drivers page until Wednesday. The site still hasn’t updated the new car liveries under the driver pictures for 2015, either. The new season’s rapidly approaching,


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Leftover Parts: Jon Beekhuis was announced as ESPN’s new pit reporter for ABC IndyCar broadcasts meaning he’ll cover all IndyCar races since he also works for NBCSN. Jon’s an experienced pro in the pits, but the last we’d heard he was named as an IndyCar race steward late last season. That was before Beaux Barfield’s departure and Brian Barnhart being named race director. The unexplained job change is a bit perplexing and we’re investigating the matter thoroughly. Finally, famed IndyCar engineer Bill Pappis has joined KV Racing as a “technical consultant” for the team’s two car effort. With a resurgent Bourdais, lead-footed rookie Coletti and now Pappis the team continues to build momentum, though their current engineer may want to update his resume.


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