France’s Series in Phoenix: Feh


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In unspectacular fashion, Kevin Harvick won his fifth race of the last six at PIR just as we predicted. In a bit of a yawner, there were only three leaders the entire race and as expected Harvick pulled away for an easy victory at the end. Surprisingly, we also foretold a crash fest at Phoenix as well as Danica, Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart all doing poorly. The race had a total ten cautions with Tony Stewart involved in two of them while Danica’s ass-around spin appropriately caused another.


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“Smoked” Stewart crashed twice and to our knowledge didn’t make any post race ISIS references or announce his conversion to Islam. He finished a disappointing 39th. Danica’s now one for 213 major race starts after finishing 26th. Everyone’s favorite ne’er do well Kurt Busch finished an impressive fifth in his first race off of suspension for alleged domestic violence though he faded toward the end.


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The race was unremarkable other than Harvick’s dominance, so we’d like to showcase the coverage on FOX . Larry McReynolds and Mike Joy acquitted themselves fairly well, as usual. Our only quibble with Joy’s commentating was his statement that  “Crew chief Tony Gibson is exactly what Kurt Busch needs.” Yeah, well that and a good beating should do.


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Our favorite target – and we freely admit he’s an easy one – is crazy uncle Darrell Waltrip. His “Darrell-ese” amuses us to no end. Early in the race during a discussion of Earnhardt’s fatal crash DW mentioned “the impact Dale Earnhardt had” on people. Phrasing DW, phrasing! Another gem of uncle Darrell’s from the desert was “that track bar’s not a cure all.” Brilliantly insightful.


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Waltrip’s comments on Kurt Busch also caught our attention. He observed that “obviously Kurt Busch has been given a second chance.” Are you sure that’s not a third or fourth chance, Darrell? In yet another example of poor phrasing, he also said Busch “needed to have a respectable day.” Not sure respectable is the best word choice when discussing Busch, DW.


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Crazy uncle Darrell actually managed to link up with Brad Keselowski on Sunday, somewhat making up for his epic fail on the radio in Atlanta with Matt Kenseth a couple of weeks ago. Keselowski was exceptionally deferential and apologetic to DW in order to make up for Kenseth’s unenthusiastic “yeah, I guess.” DW quipped he’d switch places with Brad anytime and at that point in the race we fervently hoped he’d take him up on it.

In a quintessential DW moment, he blew his mayonnaise joke completely, saying “allowance” rather than “alliance” and thus flubbing the joke’s setup. But the highlight of DW’s wit and wisdom was another from the obvious shelf. In classic Waltrip style, he informed the audience that “hundredths of an inch is a tiny amount” in a racecar adjustment. Thanks for the news flash, uncle Darrell!


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