NASCAR Visits Vegas: Vegetative Tedium


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The racing again on Sunday was better off without Busch and we fervently hope it remains that way. Frankly we didn’t watch the Las Vegas race except for the last forty or so laps and happily it doesn’t appear as though we missed much. NASCAR‘s version of race killing turbulence called  “aero push” made another appearance at Las Vegas Motor Speedway making passing difficult and watching the race even more so. It’s a real shame IndyCar no longer races at LVMS after the aborted 2011 finale that tragically claimed Dan Wheldon’s life. Unlike NASCAR, which by the way enjoyed a huge crowd Sunday, open wheel cars put on a hell of a show in the desert.


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A predictably tedious NASCAR race, we bet on boring and it turned out to be the smart money. There were a total of five cautions over the four hundred miles, though not in the early going as long stretches of green flag racing and “aero pushing” set the tone. Surprisingly there were no debris cautions or flags at all for that matter late in the race, which Kevin Harvick dominated. Last year’s champion, Harvick’s been red hot with six straight top two finishes dating back to last season. Ominously for his competitors he’s won four of the last five races at next weekend’s track, Phoenix International Raceway. PIR’s another track IndyCar formerly raced and should revisit in the future.


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For Fox’s coverage we predicted Darrell Waltrip would be embarrassing and even though we didn’t listen to him, we’re confident that he was. Our pick for winner Ryan Newman came in third, while our predicted losers Stewart and Danica did better for us, finishing thirty third and twenty seventh, respectively. This came during a rough weekend for Smoke, as his Eldora Speedway’s website was hacked by the terror group ISIS. When told of the news, Stewart unfortunately quipped that maybe he should “get them season passes.”


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Less pro-terrorist but also less talented, it was Miss Patrick’s 212th start between IndyCar and NASCAR with only one win. We also called Gordon’s misfortune though we didn’t foresee Danica being behind it, wrecking him in practice and sending him from pole to the rear of the field for his final Vegas start. That’s some going away present, girl!


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