IndyCar News Week in Review: Over Officious Edition


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Silly Season Standstill: As has never been said by anyone anywhere before, no silly season news is could silly season news. Swiss Miss Simona de Silvestro could end up at Andretti Autosport though nothing’s been announced officially yet. Same with KV and Coyne’s cars – they tested some new drivers as we noted last week but no official announcements have been made. We’ll have more thoughts on Simona in the future, but for now there’s been no movement on the possible final four seats for 2015 or any definite word they’ll all in fact materialize. This will soon change with crucial aero kit testing only a week away.


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Aero Kits Delivered & Desultorily Drubbed: As promised and amidst great secrecy, both Chevy and the ultra secret Honda aero kits were officially delivered last weekend to IndyCar’s nine teams who frantically began assembling the pieces on the cars. They’ve little time to complete their work before testing at NOLA, Texas Motor Speedway or Sebring officially begins March 13. The public Barber test will occur March 16-17 according to, when all the teams will gather for the first time to test the new kits.


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

The TMS testing option is news and means teams have taken possession of the big oval kits, as well. We haven’t seen any version of the oval kits yet – not even drawings – and therefore there’s been no official discussion. By ‘discussion,’ we mean of course tearing them to shreds. While Chevrolet released artist renderings of their road/short oval kits, Honda’s officially kept completely quiet about theirs. They have announced a release of images of their kits on March 9. We only hope they’re not as ugly, silly and new fangled looking as Chevy’s, or it’s officially going to be a long, cranky season.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Sunoco’s a Go: Bucking an alarming recent trend of decreasing sponsorship for the IndyCar Series – APEX Brazil, the Brazil race cancellation, Target’s trim down, et cetera – there’s finally some good news. Or at least so-so news. Sunoco extended its sponsorship as the official fuel of the series as well as of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and will continue to sponsor both the Indy 500 and season long Rookie of the Year awards. The dual role with both the Speedway and series is another example of integration of the two at 16th and Georgetown and a harbinger of things to come with Mark Miles making the announcement.


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This official fuel business is all a bit silly, as the 85% methanol 15% gasoline mixture is in reality simply fuel branded as Sunoco for resale purposes – it isn’t produced by them. The company that began as Sun Oil quit refining petroleum back in 2011 and now simply ships, brands and sells the stuff, kinda like a fume-y Whole Foods. Sunoco also officially sponsors NASCAR, so it’s not as though IndyCar scored a major coup with the extension. We’d like to suggest fracking as a possible future official fuel for IndyCar. It produces a helluva lot more of the stuff than Sunoco does while actually bringing down prices for consumers.


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Hot Laps: In an otherwise slow news week, Cavin officially reported this week that IndyCar will never have another A.J. or Mario AND that the beauty of cars is “in the eye of the beholder.” If only everyone had his grasp of the obvious then this country’d be in a lot better shape. Officially we pointed out previously that NASCAR suffers from a similar malady, that is losing their biggest stars. Perhaps that’s what got ol’ Curt to thinking.


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Finally NASCAR’s first two races received less than stellar reviews by our staff, with Atlanta proving a real endurance test  – not for the drivers, but for the poor viewers. Check back this weekend for the loosest coverage of Vegas and the biggest payoffs in town!


Image from Indy Race Reviewer


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