IndyCar News Week in Review: Keep the Change Edition

Carlos Huertas

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In With The New: Eight drivers tested at Sebring this week, including the Penske Powerhouse tetrarchy of Power, Helio, Montoya and newcomer Pagenaud. The other veteran was SeBass, but new faces drew our attention. 2014 IndyCar winner Carlos Huertas and Venezuelan Rodolfo “Speedy” Gonzalez – who’s twenty eight and an unknown quantity –  tested Dale Coyne’s cars. Huertas drove for Dollar Dale in his rookie campaign while Gonzalez hasn’t driven an IndyCar for anyone, coming from the failed F1 team Marussia’s test program.

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Gonzo almost certainly brings some petro cash to the table from his basket case socialist paradise of a homeland where toilet paper is eternally in short supply. Ryan Phinny from LA tested KV’s second car and seems a perfect fit for fellow Californian Vasser while Swiss Miss Simona de Silvestro is rumored to be close to Andretti’s fourth seat. Sorry Conor, Zach and JWil – the few remaining seats in the series could be taken.


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Changing Numbers: For those interested in numerology, KV Racing claimed defunct Panther Racing’s former number four, a digit Barnes’s crew enjoyed considerable success using with drivers from Sam Hornish to Tomas Scheckter, “IndyCar’s Orson Welles“. CFH Racing announced JoNew’s number will temporarily change from 67 to 21 for the two Indy races in May (two in Indy sounds strange, doesn’t it?) to reflect their sponsor. We at IRR do not support frequent number changing in IndyCar and certainly don’t support it within a single season.


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MRTI Takes a Trip to the Barber: IndyCar’s feeder series visited Barber in Alabama this week for round two of Winterfest. Last week IRR interviewee Will Owen took two podium finishes at NOLA after his chat with us. This week the nineteen year old Coloradan expressed confidence coming off of such a good showing, but also concern. Will “The Thrill” said his greatest concern this week is weather, which turned out to be justified as freezing rain led to at least one major practice crash and ultimately cancellations on Wednesday.


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Another IndyCar Movie: Will Will Smith and Margot Robbie be able to bring box office success to an IndyCar film? The latest racing film effort “Focus” debuted this month. Apparently the on track “action” was filmed using two IndyCars at NOLA. We’re doubtful of the Hollywood film’s appeal – Will Smith as con man?! – but are reserving judgment until we see it. Ah, who are we kidding? We’ll probably never see it. Of course we adore Margot, but does anyone else remember that Stallone stinker “Driven”?


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Rather Have English Weather: Poor young Jack Hawksworth from the north of England probably wondered what he’s gotten himself into this week. The first year AJ Foyt Racing driver has been dispatched to appear at Milwaukee’s auto show Friday, where high temperatures are forecast in the teens. Don’t worry, Hawk. Things will definitely heat up this season working for A.J.


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3 thoughts on “IndyCar News Week in Review: Keep the Change Edition

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  3. I think it’s horrible IndyCar does not have a “scholarship” program at least every other year for a young American (i.e. Rossi, Conor, etc.) to pay their way for one year and allow them to establish themselves. This is so basic to growing the fan base of IC.
    And for heaven sakes; at Fontana this year (we go every year from AZ) haveSOMETHING BESIDES just IndyCars running so their is more track action. I love Fontana, but IC does not do a good job of managing the fan experience there.


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