Media Day Mashup With Live Updates


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Top Story: Chevrolet unveiled depictions of its road and short oval aero kits, stealing the march on Honda with a slick presentation, including a video. It’s been safety checked, tested by Team Penske and TCGR and we must point out looks rather odd with the “flicks” – all the little winglets and doo-dads on the front and rear wings, in particular. IRR asked in a tweet whether the Hondas and Chevys would truly be discernible on track this season, even with the new aero kits. After all that along with increased speeds was the main point of the program.

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Less is More?: Sage Karam was confirmed at Target in the 8 car for St. Pete only, representing a contraction for Target to three cars. Same goes for Andretti, though they don’t even have a fourth car set for the opener. We predicted this here and here.


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Wrong, wrong wrong: It was announced by IndyCar that NOLA will now host the first aero kit test on March 14 before the long scheduled Barber Test March 16-17. Looks like IndyCar is heeding the old warning, ‘Beware the Ides of March.’


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Gridiron Gage: Josef Newgarden and Sage Karam will participate in NFL combine activities in Indianapolis. This is low hanging fruit for IndyCar and should have been done years ago considering the NFL’s popularity. We hope there’s hitting.


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Light hearted moment: As Josef Newgarden left the stage and Will Power took it, Josef said in his best Aussie accent, “Have a good press conference, mate!”


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Tweets Galore: IRR tweeted that Team Penske represents a veritable super team with its four drivers and is expected by many to dominate in 2015.

Honda’s Playing Catch Up: The Japanese manufacturer announced it won’t be unveiling its aero kits until March 15, or the last night it can do so before the open test at Barber. Have they not heard of the fateful warning to Caesar? This could be an omen for the 2015 season.

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