IndyCar 20/20


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

People say hindsight’s 20/20

An Indy driver’s has to be, too

With reflexes on the money

And real heavy with the shoe

 98th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

Photo from

Others say our pilots aren’t athletes

Like those playing with balls or sticks

Doing 220, keeping it outta the seats

Isn’t like catching simple, easy picks


Image from

Some prefer different, less refined racing

One with fighting and biting and trials

Where big stars are charged and awaiting

And France remains deep in denial


Photo from

We love IndyCar and most things Indy

For its speed, beauty, action and thrills

As for the rest, they’re merely trendy

Followed primarily for their spills


Photo from

If only IndyCar’s leaders possessed some brass,

Clear thinking, follow through & all the rest

Then our series would again kick NASCAR’s ass

And resume its spot as racing’s best


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer


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