Sunday Rolex Roast


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The Rolex 24 hours of Daytona: Any race that’s so long you can’t continue drinking throughout it to conclusion is too long. Also, sports car races are confusing with no fewer than four different classes of cars running at the same time, seeming more like an exercise for manic mathematicians using traffic camera footage than a race. Besides, who can afford Florida, much less a Rolex?


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Plus, the cars are exceptionally weird looking – closed wheels and cockpits, yuck! – and IndyCar fans are already set for enough weirdness with the coming aero kits. At IRR we’re IndyCar purists – snobs some may say – who consider the real season worth the wait. Today we recommend getting outdoors instead of watching what we all know is merely a poor substitute for actual racing.


24 Hours Latest: Having dumped all over the event above, here are a couple of brief updates on the racing. Brian Carroccio‘s tweeting that the caution periods are too long. He covers IndyCar and knows all about long cautions, providing another good reason not to watch.

98th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

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America’s hope Ryan Hunter-Reay’s team is out with engine trouble. He tweeted disappointment that they’re already “packing up.” Scott Dixon and the Ganassi Team were leading their class this morning. Reports had young gun Sage Karam doing well in his stint for Chip, as well. Reports then had fumbling Frenchman Sebastian Bourdais leading and an opossum being killed in the tedium. As if you needed another reason not to tune in. After all twenty four hours, Dixon and Ganassi’s team finally won another one at Daytona. Perhaps this provides some momentum for he and Kanaan heading into Indycar season.


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Sneak Peek at Next Week: The crack IRR staff is currently working on several stories for next week, including a review of recent IndyCar axings. It’s entitled “IndyCar’s Chopping Block: A Gory Recent History” and is nearly as scary as the name implies.


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