IndyCar News Week in Review: Double Secret Edition


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Aero Kits Finalized, On Strict Need To Know Basis: If you’ve already hit the pay wall you may have missed Indy Star’s wacky ‘reporter’ Curt Cavin’s piece on the more hype than substance IndyCar aero kits, Chevy and Honda’s soon to be introduced body work. Apparently the series has finalized the designs and decided to keep them secret for at least a few more days, with Derrick Walker promising a release of photos – something! – from the manufacturers “soon.” We recommend you prepare yourselves for a major let down when we finally are allowed to see them.


Images from Indy Race Reviewer

Irritatingly, Walker admitted that the designs of Chevy and Honda  may not even look that dissimilar. After all the hubbub surrounding the kits – delays, consternation, resources invested – they’d better be distinguishable from each other and not be atrociously unattractive. A ‘no big deal’ sentiment among the fans may be the best case scenario for the series at this point, as ‘hideously ugly’ is a strong possibility. If all goes to plan, the kits make their on track debut at the Barber test in mid-March and then at the St. Petersburg race on March 29. We wonder, is using the new lights cars’ body work an option?


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Quick Laps: Momentum continues to build for Indy Lights with another new team announcing they’ll participate in the feeder series. Sexy new cars, expansion and Reba McIntire – now that’s hot. Speaking of hot, Target’s Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, Charlie Kimball and Sage Karam tested at NOLA this week in advance of IndyCar holding its inaugural race there April 12. Reports had the speeds higher than some other road courses, which is encouraging. Less encouraging is the third world Brasilia circuit, where demolition continued while major renovations still to have to occur in the six weeks until teams arrive for the March 8 race.


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4 Time Indy 500 Winner A.J. Turned 80: The legendary Texan is now officially an ornery octogenarian. Still recovering from heart surgery,  A.J. said his goal is to be healthy for the Indy 500 in May. We wish for that as well, with all our might. He received birthday wishes from across the globe and his team thoughtfully re-Tweeted them, including IRR’s own offering. In our ode to A.J. we incorporated some of his quotations. Here are our favorites, both from IMS: “This place made A.J. Foyt,” and “I’m so wonderful!”


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Andretti Backs Bully Boy Busch: In the undisputed fool move of the young year, Michael Andretti was rightfully raked over the coals here for stating recently that he’s still planning to rerun Kurt Busch at Indy in May. Michael’s doubling down in pledging his unwavering support for the violence prone court case magnet from a competing series only tarnishes the Indy 500 and confuses or enrages IndyCar fans. Dumb Michael, dumb.


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Brian Carroccio’s en Fuego: For some strange reason’s ace columnist sat down with IRR for a lengthy interview on IndyCar and the next thing you know he’s interviewing Tony Kanaan. [Note the good fortune that invariably follows interaction with IRR.] His piece appeared on Wednesday and is definitely worth a look. Rumor has it a certain Canuck Mayor’s up next. You’re on fire, BC!


Photo from Brian Carroccio

Predictions Debut: IRR’s secretive soothsaying subsidiary made the first of what they predict will be many prognostications to come. Among the varied victims of the visionaries were Michael Andretti, A.J. Foyt and IndyCar’s silly season. The real beauty of reading tea leaves? Nobody knows if fortune telling is accurate or not.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Chip Ganassi Gets Skewered: Target’s troubles – both on and off track – became IRR’s focus this week. Our grossly underpaid investigative division took a hard look back at Target’s 2014 and offered some thoughts on the upcoming season, Target and Ganassi. It’s a bulls eye of a story.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer


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