IndyCar News Week in Review: The Poor Decisions Edition


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Fisher Leaves Retirement, Goes to Oklahoma: In the questionable call of the young year, ever emotional Sarah Fisher will return to her midget racing roots next week in OK nearly five years after retiring from a winless IndyCar career. The ‘Chili Bowl’ – Tulsa’s annual indoor midget races that take place in mid January – contains an extra dose of spice this year with Fisher’s participation. Bring your own spoons; NASCAR’s supplying the cheese and crackers. In light of Tony Stewart’s disastrous experiences in 2014, we seriously wonder if the 34 year old mother of two’s decision to race is a good idea.


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Andretti Autosport Poaches Veteran Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Employee: In a silly season thus far focused more on crews than drivers, AA replaced recently gone to Penske Team Director Kyle Moyer with longtime Schmidt Peterson Motorsports’ hand Rob Edwards. He’ll assume Moyer’s old role at Andretti with the lateral move, and leaves behind a team in SPM that’s lost both of its drivers and now its director. Ouch. What’s next, the sponsor? Oh, wait. Canadian jester James Hinchcliffe inherited Pagenaud’s seat at SPM and now faces an uncertain future with a team that’s turned over almost completely the last few months. This discontinuity at SPM comes after repeated wins the last two seasons, though with previous employees.


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IMS Orders Straight No Chaser To Toast Jim Neighbors’ Memory: IMS announced the music group Straight No Chaser will sing the famous “Back Home Again In Indiana” at the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day Weekend. The song, its place in the annual 500 pre-race pageantry and Neighbors’ rendition all occupy a special place in our hearts at IRR, so we fervently hope for a traditional, respectful approach by the band. Although admittedly unaware of these singers, when it comes to bands in the future we preemptively urge IMS to stop watering down the drinks.


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Are Aero Kits As Attractive As Advertised?: We pondered the question of the soon to be introduced aero kits’ attractiveness recently and perhaps not surprisingly took a contrarian view. Warning: *un-PC alert!* The trend in IndyCar aesthetics – a truly vital part of the unique and sexy appeal of the sport – isn’t to our liking and hasn’t been since the DW-12, frankly.  What’s happening to beauty and form in artistry on wheels?


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Will The CFH Racing Marriage Last? The multi-faceted challenges of amalgamation, marriage and change facing Ed Carpenter in his new roles as owner/driver/partner at CFH Racing got us to thinking recently, leading to a rather sharp toned missive on the subject. In essence, Ed’s got a whole lot of team work and team building skills to master in a short, pressure packed period. Should be a kick to watch.


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Hearsay Rumor Mill Grapevine Gossip: Vitor Meira and John Menard to make another go at the 500? If so, then bring back the classic day-glow paint scheme! Former F-1 driver Kevin Magnussen to AA? We’ll believe it when we see it.


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Team Penske Clear Favorites, Dale Coyne Racing Clearly Not: In two hard hitting pieces published this week, the crack IRR staff took on both the David and the Goliath of IndyCar racing in an Iron Age three way battle royal. Without giving away the ending, turns out it’s really difficult to slay a giant after all. While still early, 2015’s been a year of seeming poor decisions in IndyCar circles to this point. Oh, and that Brazil opener? Still months away.


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