IndyCar News Week in Review: The New Year’s New Site Edition


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IndyCar Falls From Sky Into Indianapolis Party, No One Injured: It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane – it’s an IndyCar! Dropping from the sky like Dale Coyne drivers was a strangely zebra striped Dallara in downtown Indy on New Year’s. Other than the hideous paint scheme the most surprising aspect of the event/stunt was that it hadn’t been pulled before. Besides, is an IndyCar falling to earth really the image the series wants to portray? We’d prefer James Hinchcliffe dropping in James Bond style on a zip line with his WAG on his arm at midnight. Now THAT’S entertainment!


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2015 Arrived At Night: The new year brings more of the same old waiting for IndyCar’s 2015 season. The first race isn’t until March 8 and that’s on a road course in Brazil. There won’t be new aero kits in Brasilia, as IndyCar wisely chose not to debut them at a race in the southern hemisphere televised on NBCSN, which stands for No Body Can See Network. So the inaugural race of the new year will taste like a 2014 leftover that’s been left in the freezer too long. We can only hope Brazil’s debut is not as sour, stale and vomit inducing as Mid-Ohio was.


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Funny New IndyCar Site Goes Global: IRR gladly greets 2015 with a sleek, sparkling new website. Don’t think we’ve sold out because we haven’t, at least not yet. Fear not, as IRR will still possess the same amount of vim, vigor and eccentricity as ever. The site’s gone big time if you will and couldn’t have done it without our loyal, rabid and sometimes accidental readers. Thanks for checking us out and do come back often for regular updates and widespread speed induced silliness.


“Don’t Forget Your Booties ‘Cause It’s Cold Out There Today!”:  With an IndyCar dropping down a pole the only movement at all and no race in sight for months, don’t despair or succumb to the winter doldrums. Groundhog Day is coming and it’s an excellent opportunity to re-watch the Harold Ramis and Bill Murray classic. Spring will be here before you know it and another exciting season of racing will eventually follow. Remember, we at IRR will report the news – day after day after day – so you don’t have to worry about it. Happy New Year!


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