IndyCar News Week in Review: The Less is More? Edition


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

Target Just Got Smaller: In particularly ominous news out of North Carolina appropriately enough, retail giant Target is reducing its sponsorship of TCGR’s IndyCar effort after 25 years in IndyCar racing. This despite a spokesman attempting to downplay the horrible news, saying it’s “just reallocating dollars” according to an AP article. Apparently funding for Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Kanaan’s #10 car will be cut, though he will return sponsored by NTT Data. The most stinging part of the news is that the funds are going to NASCAR, as well as tv spots with Scott Dixon and Kyle Larson. This is not a positive sign for the health of the series, though not everyone will shed tears for Chip the Hutt.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Living On Brazilian Time: Cavin had a news flash this week that the Brasilia opener scheduled for March 8 at the Autodromo International Nelson Piquet is “on schedule.” This is only news because it’s a third world-ish country that’s rife with corruption and poor leadership and whose slums are truly heart wrenching to see. He quoted IndyCar’s track commissar Tony Cotman as admitting “there’s still a lot of work to do in a short time,” including repaving and safety improvements to the decades old track. Safety is always a serious concern in Brazil – both on and off track – as F1 drivers and others have learned the hard way.


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Brazil’s So Big We Included Two Stories On It: In even more incredibly bizarre news from South America, Cavin hinted that former IndyCar driver and current Brazilian Vitor Meira may get a ride in the 2015 season launch, though he was vague about the possible team. RLL, perhaps? Meira is a nice enough guy but he hasn’t driven an IndyCar for over three years and never won a race despite a hundred and eighteen starts. Meanwhile Conor Daly and other fine young drivers remain rideless. ‘Brazil’ is a tremendous Terry Gilliam movie by the way, and more relevant this Christmas season than ever.


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Holiday Silly Season Updates: Target’s lineup has been revealed, at least partially. Dixie, TK and Kimball will return while Briscoe won’t. IRR had the story of Briscoe‘s woes months ago, so it comes as no surprise to our readers. Unconfirmed reports have Sage Karam in the fourth TCGR car. No word on Sim yet, but stay tuned.


Publicizing Push To Pass Parameters: Dave Lewandowski wrote at that push to pass usage has been made more uniform for 2015. Road and street circuits will have ten push to passes per car per race for a duration of twenty seconds at most of these tracks. Three – St. Pete, Detroit and dull as Disney Sonoma – allow only fifteen seconds per push to pass. Fifteen whole seconds of added turbo boost – yippie! Consider it an early Christmas present from IndyCar. Here’s one from Indy Race Reviewer.


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