Bernie Ecclestone: F1’s Jonathan Gruber


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Like MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s spilling the beans on the Obamacare sham, F1 billionaire boss Bernie Ecclestone has likewise divulged a bit too much truth in recent interviews. On Friday Bernie again let ‘er rip from that tiny, shriveled, black heart of his, stating on that in his unbiased view young fans are unimportant due to their lack of funds. In other words, they’re not worth anything to F1 and Bernie because they’re not worth anything. They say age is wisdom, but when it comes to this particular octogenarian you really have to wonder. He went on to assert bankrupt F1 teams won’t be missed, call Twitter “nonsense” and sympathize with girlfriend-killer/blade runner Oscar Pistorius.


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That’s the second barrage of outrageous comments he’s made just this week, snarkily referring earlier to a “begging bowls” crowd funding effort by one financially strapped team and saying “in racing, somebody is going to be last,” this according to the AP. Professor Gruber repeatedly called Americans “stupid” and dismissed transparency in government, letting it slip that Obamacare would never have passed without misleading the public. Now we at IRR are all about blunt frankness and telling it like it is and happen feel that candor is often sorely lacking; however. what both of these men  – Gruber and Ecclestone – repeatedly said is reprehensible, tactless and impolitic.


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In the case of brainiac Professor Gruber, people don’t like to be called “stupid,” even if in fact they are, nor do they like being misled by pointy headed professors, much less their government. In the case of billionaire Bernie, folks who aren’t wealthy tend to already be aware of the fact, and certainly don’t need greedy old shysters telling them they’re unimportant. That’s moronic and egregious.


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Moronic and egregious. That fairly sums up what both of these men have said, as long as you throw in dastardly, insulting, arrogant and a few more awful adjectives. If you follow current events even vaguely, then none of their revealing utterances is entirely surprising. Bizarrely, it almost seems as though in this upside down, inside out world we inhabit power is more precious than truth and manipulation is more valued than freedom. That’s truly a sobering thought to ponder.


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8 thoughts on “Bernie Ecclestone: F1’s Jonathan Gruber

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  7. Wonderfully true article. I am so tired of the Masters of the Universe looking down their short- sighted noses at we plebians. Why people follow the pretentious F1 series is beyond my comprehension. My heart is with IndyCar, I only wish more people and businesses would think on their own and give the ICS an honest evaluation. The people and product are better and more accessible. Keep up your fine articles. Keep crying in the wilderness someone will hear.


    • Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement! Excellent use of the word plebian by the way. Hail Caesar! Your points about IC’s product being superior are oh so true. Oh, and didn’t you hear? The wilderness is the only place to be these days.


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