Proposed IndyCar Canopies Not Half as Bad as First Thought, Years Down the Road

2014 IndyCar Indy 500 Qualifying

Photo from

According to a recent article in USA Today where Jeff Olson interviewed crusty old IndyCar Chief of Competition Derrick Walker, concerns expressed here and elsewhere about the proposed idea of canopies for IndyCars were allayed. He mentioned having only a “front half of a canopy,” stating an entire enclosure would be unnecessary and even detrimental to the quick escape from cars by drivers.

IMS museum

Photo from IndyRaceReviewer

The Ford Lotus Indy 500 entrant from 1963 pictured above illustrates how partial enclosures have been around for decades and don’t radically alter the nature of open cockpit cars as full coverings would. Walker also said a chassis redesign would be necessary to install canopies, which isn’t scheduled until 2018. Finally there’s some good news out of IndyCar as traditions aren’t trashed and common sense prevails for a change.


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