Eleven Reasons IndyCar is Superior to N@$C@R


We at IRR despise N@$C@R while at the same time adoring everything IndyCar. Well, almost everything – don’t get us started on certain IndyStar “reporters.” Or this year’s champ. Or the disturbing disappearance of terrific oval tracks from the schedule.


Despite its many flaws, IndyCar is a vastly superior form of motorsport with history, danger, innovation and raw speed on its side. N@$C@R bleeping sucks in comparison, and here’s why.

1. IndyCar doesn’t need 11 months and 40 some odd races to put on the fastest, best, most intense racing on earth.


Photo from ap,org

2. Much cooler names like Hunter-Reay, Pagenaud and Kanaan than Johnson, Busch and Keselowski.

3. Faster, sleeker, sexier, and far better looking race cars.

4. Faster, sleeker, sexier, and far better looking WAGS.


Photo from examiner.com

5. Gene Simmons.


Photo from jewishjournal.com

6. IndyCar’s had many more bosses – three in the last five years – than N@$C@R’s mere one.

7. MUCH faster races than the interminable, snooze inducing N@$C@R marathons.

8. Less Busch brothers.


Photo from nascar.com

9. A more selective group of race fans.


Photos from fanhotspotoutdoors.com and fandeadspin.com

10. IndyCar’s moved on from Danica, who’s all drawers and no drive.


Photo from si.com

11. Jan Beekhuis!


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