Instant Reaction to Sonoma Qualifying

Apparently JPM was “OVER THE LINE!” One of our picks to win will be starting in the rear. 


Hinchcliffe makes top six – impressive and surprising after quals spin. Newkid quickest into fast six! Briscoe making a showing with Helio, Dixie and Power in finals. SeBass 7th, TK starting 8th. Our other pick to win RHR starts 10th. 

Mad Will Power’s been seemingly toying with the field and he’s performed well winning multiple times at this track. Will it hold up against the young American’s charge?

Helio does some plowing of a field leaving the track through a corner and ruining his chances at pole. He’ll start sixth. Power goes off track in same spot but remains in the pole position. NewKid starts 2nd, Dixon third. Mad Will Power said you need to start top three at Sonoma to win – we’ll see after the winery crawl Sunday. 

Newkid post quals quote: “I’m happy, but . . . you don’t want to be second.” Perhaps a harbinger of change for the Tennessean next year?


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