Smoke Doesn’t Get in Your Eyes

It was announced last night by the team that Tony Stewart won’t be racing again this weekend. This follows the on-track tragedy in New York costing Kevin Ward his life. Since then, Stewart has bowed out of two NASCAR races and his future is up in the air. Mr. Ward was laid to rest this week.

It’s been reported that no charges against Smoke are imminent, but as IRR pointed out that could change as the DA and police continue to investigate. They’ve appealed to the public for additional videos and other evidence to aide their inquiry, which is ongoing. The sentence for manslaughter in New York ranges from 3-15 years and unlike murder, doesn’t require intent.


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Questions remain about the incident and also about Smoke’s career. Will he set out the rest of the season? It certainly looks like he won’t make the chase. Will the death affect his sponsors, the life blood of racing? What about the broader impact on an already struggling NASCAR? Finally are Smoke’s racing days over? It’s being reported that a retirement announcement is coming – we suggest you prepare yourself for the possibility.


4 thoughts on “Smoke Doesn’t Get in Your Eyes

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