Fretting over the Schedule, not the Championship

First we learn during the week of the glorious 4th Pocono’s not happy with ticket sales so may not be back on the schedule next year, harshing our collective buzz and on the national holiday, no less. There wasn’t enough written about this, as the series merrily moved along to Iowa and then the curvier part of this year’s schedule. IRR shares some of the blame, although in self defense this is the second post on the subject here. Plus, we didn’t exist yet.  Regardless, Pocono must remain.


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Now this week again we’re being brought down by talk about the potential loss of another outstanding oval from the schedule, that being Texas Motor Speedway. The series has raced at the track since it opened, built with IndyCar in mind, nearly twenty years ago. Many years they’ve raced twice at TMS and even held the season finale there, too. With good reason as the racing there’s been second to none.

TexasSome have speculated about Toronto and Texas possibly conflicting if Toronto’s date has to be moved on account of the Pan Am Games. We blame it all on Ted Turner. The loss of either of those two tracks from the schedule would be an unpardonable sin on the part of the series. Are you listening, Mr. Walker?


As far as the hub-ub over the championship goes, don’t buy it. It’s a media contrivance, pure hype and page filler for bloggers. Anyone who knows anything about IndyCar knows it’ll come down to the last portion of the final race.  It always does.  It’s yet another reason to love it – IndyCar doesn’t need made up chases like some other series. But it does need Pocono and Texas.


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