Ten Reasons We Love Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is a famous Midwestern American city with lots of enticing, interesting activities to offer. Its heritage of German immigrant beer brewers including Pabst and Miller makes it a little taste of Bavaria right here in the U.S. Or so we’ve read, as none of us at IRR has ever actually visited the city, although Bavaria’s quite lovely.

Nevertheless as big fans of beer we feel qualified to sing its praises in advance of the upcoming Milwaukee Indyfest.  We figure any place other than Palookaville, OH is a vast improvement.  So we look forward to the IndyCar race in Milwaukee with high hopes and culinary anticipation dripping from our taste buds.

Ten Reasons We Love Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1. BEER – with pizza, cheese steak and everything else


2. Brewer baseball – with indoor AND outdoor options (though limited beer options at Miller Park)

3. Cheese – on pizza, cheese steak and everything else


Photo from wisconsinmade.com

4. Brats – grilled with onions, peppers and BEER

5. It’s the hometown of Jeff Dahmer, serial killer & “the Milwaukee cannibal”

6. The Milwaukee (or affectionately, Methuselah) Mile, dating back 111 years


Photo from milwaukeeindyfest.com

7. ABC Supply Co and their extremely patient sponsorship of AJ Foyt Racing

8. The Pabst Mansion – gilded age decadence at its best


Photo from pabstmansion.com

9. Lake Michigan shoreline – modern day decadence AND bikini bodies

beach 8thingstodocom

Photo from 8thingstodo.com

10. And finally, it’s “the city that BEER built”


2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons We Love Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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