Pocono Must Remain

Motorsport.com gave a brief update on the status of Pocono on the ICS schedule, hinting that there’s hope for next year despite the smaller crowd – but on a different date. Changing dates can sometimes pose a problem for the series, but there are sufficient holes in the schedule to comply with the track’s and fans’ request to change it from the holiday weekend.

Pocono absolutely must remain on the IndyCar schedule. Move the date, make it a 400 miler, even charge less in sanctioning fees but don’t remove it from the schedule. The series has too few oval tracks as it is. Besides, Pocono is a unique tri-oval with three very different corners. It also has some history with IndyCars going back decades and was built specifically for IndyCars, even modeled on other existing tracks at the time.

Pocono gives the series an important east coast presence, and the race hasn’t been given a proper chance after only two years back at the track after a long layoff.  Above all else, it provides entertaining, competitive racing for the fans. IndyCar simply must return to Long Pond, PA next year.


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