Oh, Canada? Our Diminishing Northern Neighbors

Hot as it gets this time of year, who doesn’t dream of escaping to Canada for a vac-ay? When IndyCar association of states (and please note this doesn’t include provinces) thinks of Canada, do they really think of racing? We at IRR think not.


Photo from huffingtonpost.ca

Icy cold? Check. BC bud? Check. Inferior football? Uh-huh. Ending every sentence with “-ay”? You betcha! But big league racing? Not so much. In fact IndyCar racing is a diminishing – and one could argue disappearing – entity in the great white north.


Photo from riderfans.com

Canada’s currently down to one driver in the IndyCar Series. He’s James Hinchcliffe, three time winner for AA and funny guy in the paddock (“Funny? How da f— am I funny to you?!”). Mountie Alert: he’s also not yet under contract for next year. There’s no doubt he’s a talented and colorful Canadian character; however, his species seems to be increasingly endangered. He’s it at present, -ay.


For Queen Elizabeth’s sake, we used to at least enjoy a little French Canadian flavor with Carpentier and Tagliani – whose wife is quite the dish – but no longer. Then there’s the always popular Jacques Villeneuve, Canada’s version of Michael Andretti except funnier looking and he actually won the 500. Does anyone know why he “came back” for the 500 this year decades after walking away? Did anyone even notice?








 Bronte Tagliani photos from lazygirls.info

There couldn’t be a column written on Canadian IndyCar (the phrase is just peculiar, isn’t it?) without mentioning Paul Tracy. That is, unless it were written strictly about relevant figures, or even semi-relevant former drivers, or . . .  IRR can write that he’s a decent commentator on NBCSN, but that’s about as far as we’re willing to go.

PTPhoto from autoracing1.com

The troubles for the Canucks don’t end with PT, either. Our chilly neighbors to the north are down to one race really, it’s just spread out over two days. The concrete car crusher also known as the Streets of Toronto certainly generates lots of revenue for the city (and probably more for Dallara Automobili in Italy). So after nearly thirty years you’d think they’d spring for either all asphalt or all concrete. Jeesh, is it really that hard to figure out guys, -ay?

Remember Edmonton Indy? And Vancouver? How ’bout “The Molson Indy Toronto”? Sadly they’ve all gone the way of Canadian comedy – and almost as rapidly – to that great ash heap of history in the Northwest Territories. Seems to be the long term trend up north: racing in demise. Our concern here -ay, is that Canada and IndyCar may not be at all associable in the future, if they even still are.


8 thoughts on “Oh, Canada? Our Diminishing Northern Neighbors

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