Instant Reaction to National Guard News

The news that the National Guard is reportedly ending its sponsorship of teams in both IndyCar and other series comes as a tough blow to ICS. It is U.S. taxpayers’ money that’s at stake however, and last IRR checked the old girl wasn’t in the best of financial shape. It’s become certain Congressmen’s pet target, if you will. Sign of the times, perhaps. We’re still awaiting the supposed economic “recovery” here in IndyCar association of states and we’ll see how IndyCar weathers the storm, which has been in the works for some time. At least they had notice.


Recall the unfortunate end to the Guard’s sponsorship of Panther Racing a couple of years ago, with John Barnes taking the matter to court. It was an ugly end to a largely unprofitable relationship for the taxpayers, e.g, very few if any wins including Jr. in the other series.

Plus, there’s always the question of whether race advertising fulfills its intended purpose, in this case getting youngsters and others to sign up for the National Guard. The guard dates back to the militias of the Revolutionary War and famous groups such as The Minutemen. In this present period of war and want, they are an important link in the chain of defense of the rusting hulking U.S.

But back to racing for a moment, this report raises serious questions. What a blow for the series. What about RLL next year? And Graham? His record is sketchy enough already. Will another promising young American open wheel driver be wasted?

We at IRR – home for all your racing news and laughs – certainly hope not. Graham’s a competent, classy young legacy who’s important to the series. Much like Marco, but more likeable if not successful. Bobby and even Letterman add something to the series, though we’re not quite sure about this Lanigan fellow.

Come to think of it, Letterman’s even sketchy – a has been, as it were – and if RLL can’t find sponsorship then why not dig into Letterman’s deep pockets? Too many crazy -exes we suppose . . . the non-controversy keeps comin’ at IRR.

It’s kinda funny – Leno has cars and Letterman has expenses, er-um Dallaras. Speaking of which, how ’bout that concrete car crusher they call Toronto, huh? you’d think they could spring for either all asphalt or all concrete, no? Isn’t Canada doing better than the US? In fact they are. After nearly 30 years. let’s spring for some paving ala Penske at God-awful Detroit B I, you wealthy Canadians, -ay?

And speaking of Canadians, there’s much much much much much more coming tomorrow on you nattering neighbors you. So stay tuned.

Final word on this for tonight: Clearly the German Swiss timepiece announcement on Wednesday was cover for National Guard’s withdrawal from the series. Just like clockwork, superior strategy prevails on the battlefield..

Comments are welcome and will be mildly addressed, we promise.


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