Conway’s Kentish Roots, part 1


Port of Dover, Kent, UK

Your humble editor in chief of IRR had the distinct privilege to live, teach and love in Canterbury, Kent, UK for one wonderful semester back in the fall of 2007. The city, university and people were all so very kind, welcoming and fun that it’s a town I’ll always cherish. My months there rank up with the very best experiences of my life.

High St

The Canterbury High Street outside The Weaver’s

Canterbury is famous from Chaucer’s medieval novel Canterbury Tales as well as for being the seat of the Church of England. It boasts no fewer than two universities, the oldest church in England and one damned fine Cathedral, built nearly a millennium ago. A double uni- town, it has countless fine pubs, bars and clubs not to mention the cafes and restaurants, from local delicacies to Starbucks and Pizza Hut.


White Cliffs of Dover

One of the beauties of Canterbury and of Kent is its location. Near enough to London, close to the coast, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond, it’s as near to Europe as you’ll get, yet still quite English. From the White Cliffs of Dover on a clear day you can see all the way to the French coast.

It’s also the breadbasket of Britain, with much agriculture including orchards and row crop fields. From gorgeous forests to lovely beaches, Kent has it all, including a long and rich history of motor racing going back over eighty years. A very diverse county, Kent also is home to the Church of Scientology HQ, or one of them, in the UK. They’re not alone, as many influential and significant people call the area home.

Kent also happens to be home of Mike Conway, four time winner in the ICS and driver of the #20 Ed Carpenter Racing machine on the road and street circuits this year. His family still lives in Kent, there in the garden spot of England. It’s yet another reason to root for him and his team, as folks in Kent would probably do the same for you.


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