Red Flags Are Good

In case you missed it – we almost did – one of IndyRaceReviewer’s main emphases is upon irreverence, hence our describing ourselves (precisely, as it turns out) in our first ever post as “this ridiculously irreverent, johnny-come-lately site.” (Don’t believe the hype – ever. The whole post’s worth reading and happens to be archived on this very site. Free.) We all need to laugh more, especially passionate fans of our beloved artistry on wheels that is IndyCar. We can be so uptight!

After perusing other sites and reading the usual wishy washy emoting it occurred to us that despite what you may read, or hear, or tweet, in racing red flags are good. Better than that, they’re great. Red flags are dramatic, add badly needed attention to the sport, and therefore it’s wet t-shirt clear: red flags must be embraced.

red flag

Now before you leap to conclusions or misunderstand or “unfollow,” read me out. Firstly, this is a relatively rare occurrence in IndyCar racing. Multiple factors have to come together – wreckage blocking the racecourse, unsafe conditions, tight tv windows, distracting grid girls (did you see them in TO?!) and the like. It’s not that this cosmic confluence never happens, but it’s about as common as Ed Carpenter’s team winning a street race.

When on those magical occasions the red-tinged stars do align it provides a chance for an actual race to victory (said in Bobby Duvall’s raspy voice in Apocalypse Now – the napalm quote) instead of a yellow flag follow-the-Penske toward a foregone conclusion. [That’ll have to be a future post – “Yellow Flags Are So-So.”] There’s no denying races ending under yellow are very un-Indycar, Dude. It’s just not a fitting ending to the most pure and beautiful form of motor racing on the planet. It’s anti-climactic, unseemly, ugly and wrong.

So IndyCar association of states – embrace the red flag. Lord knows the series needs the attention, the buzz, the hits. Let’s admit it, sometimes the odd race can stand an injection of drama, some real closure. Wrap yourself and swaddle in the crimson cloth. You’ll look good in it. (Unless it’s the former Soviet flag, or something akin, in which case avoid it all costs. But this is a blog about racing. Seriously, it is.)


5 thoughts on “Red Flags Are Good

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